My school banned yoyos. me and some friends are petitioning/protesting it. please post ideas

get a s many kids as humanly possible to protest

Did you try to use a text effect for the title?

Also, I ussually wouldn’t say this, but maybe its for the better. Maybe some kids at your school, lets say, weren’t very good. They were swinging around noctu’s in the hallway. If I were a school administrator I wouldn’t want kids swinging around metal on a string during class or lunch, (If someone got hurt, they would probably get in trouble too)

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He who has the gold, makes the rules.
Life could be worse.
Deal with it.


i agree with Camjameron…thats the best idea
get lots of supporters and bug the administrator as much as possible

My school banned them too, and there’s only like three guys who yoyo and no one has a metal, excuse: the string can get wrapped around people’s legs.

most of the time when things are banned it is because they are a distraction to learning so they do have a legitamate reason to ban them.

When it comes down to it, school is for learning Math, English, Science, ect…not yoyoing. I’m sure there was a reason for it.

I agree, school isn’t the place for yoyos. Just wait til you get home. When I was in school they banned skateboards, pokemon cards,yoyos,and dungeons and dragons(yeah, I’m a nerd, big whoop, wanna fight about it?), and I was like omg they are nazi. Now that i’m out of school I completely understand why, and I agree.

i just keep my yoyo in my bag and then after school i take it out and show off to my friends (who cant yoyo) and then i bring my yoyo to the park its a teenage park by the way


This word, used as an excuse in schools to ban something, often DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE! I can’t stand when school officials try to use the excuse that it’s a “distraction” without any further reasoning. So what, if, I don’t know, someone pierces their nose or something; too often schools automatically assume that everyone in the room will be “distracted.” A whole lot of the time this excuse is just used to get rid of something someone in a position of authority of a school doesn’t agree with. I know my example wasn’t the best, just the first thing I thought of. It is usually not a legitimate reason, well, that I’ve seen. Other places might be better. But, usually, it’s not hard to, at the beginning of class if the teacher sees that there might be a problem, ask if your yoyo/whatever might distract you, and offer to hold it for a bit. Or the teacher can just take it up and give it back to the student at the end of class if it is becoming a problem. It is very rare for half the class to not stay focused(assuming that they would anyways) simply because someone brought their yoyo to school and it was taken up. Oh no now I gotta run in the street with scissors.

Sorry, but this can be a problem at schools that I have been in. It is not just me, but also many parents just as much.

it is not the fact that it a distraction to other people it is a distraction to you i would never yoyo in school. as said above there is a place and time for yoyoing and school is not one of these

Because kids learn so much at recess

i walk to school so i yoyo before they let us in the doors and then after school

As long as you do it in the halls, at recess, or whenever class is not going on… I see no problem with it. It cant be distracting to anyone if it’s not during class time. I yoyo all the time in non educational places and there is no problem with it. A way to successfully protest is to ask why they banned it and politely refute it instead of making a huge deal out of it.

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I like how contraversal this thread is… I think you should just calm down and say you forgot that certain rule… If you ever decide to break it…

As blunt as this will sound, Ill say it anyways.

Get over it.

Yoyos got banned at my school too. It wasn’t because of anyone getting hurt, or any distraction, we were only allowed to use them during recess anyways, but it was because some people were selling them. :-\ Apparently, you weren’t allowed to, so they banned them. But 1 day of the school year( the second to last day of school) we are allowed to yoyo that day. So, whys it matter? Just yo-yo after school. Everyone got over it at my school with in a few weeks. Some people at my school even yo-yo BEFORE school starts outside. You have a lot of time to yoyo out of school, so its pretty fair to ban them for whatever reason is happening at your school. ( unless that wasn’t happening)

EDIT: ^ from above post, long story short for me, exactly that :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand how having a yoyo in your pocket would be a distraction. It’s not like you’re just going to stand up and start yoyoing all of a sudden. If there is a legitimate reason, fine. A safety reason I could imagine, like if kids ruined the privilege of being able to yoyo for themselves by yoyoing and hitting people in too-crowded hallways. Although, I’m also that food-sensitive gifted kid who has too many allergies and doesn’t like the traditional school system, so don’t trust me.