Please post your favorite songs that have little or no lyrics here!!!

Hey, Jordan here! I was wondering if people could post there favorite songs here!! I am looking for any great songs that have little to know lyrics! Just songs that are great to throw to and even just to listen to! Thanks a bunch!! Any replies are much appreciated!!!

Jordan out!!

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Pretty much any techno/dubstep. For rock I would suggest Eruption by Van Halen. It’s pretty much an awesome guitar solo

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I love this song, but my brother hates it. It sounds like a great song to yoyo to or make a video with. I’m actually planning on using it myself.

Capsule - Golden Rule

There’s a huge ocean of instrumental music out there. If you ever stick your ears into classical, jazz, and contemporary music, you will never stop finding amazing music made by amazing minds.


Some Hardcore music.

“Olive” - Umbrella

“Second Liberator” - DJ 490 vs. DJ Noriken

“Bloody Serenade” - t+pazolite vs. RoughSketch

“Serotonin 2008” - Joshka

“Black and Silver” - Umbrella

I Hope you don’t mind the next one. It has some lyrics. But it’s fun! :wink:
“(The title is) TOO LONG to write here” - t+pazolite

“Presonus (Thanatos Remix)” - REDALiCE


“Optical Force” - Umbrella

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Top Gun Anthem

most steve vai songs i don’t really like dubstep

Orion by Metallica is probably one of my favorite instrumentals. I love to yoyo to it. I also really really like For Todays intro on ekklesia!

I recommend Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of Dover.”


Glitch Mob has some beautiful stuff.


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i agree this song is awesome there is a song by Cream that i really like but i can’t remember the name

I should have mentioned this is Rush La Villa Strangiato from the 2010 Time Machine tour. In the beginning the camera is a bit shaky but gets really right after a few seconds.

That song is my favorite off of Hemispheres.  It’s so complicated, I started to learn it but couldn’t.  It’s harder than 2112.