Please post your favorite songs that have little or no lyrics here!!!

God among gods for guitar, Buckethead

I realize I am really dating myself here among all these posts from those still in the salad days of their youth. Sir Elton John’s “Funeral for A Friend” from 1973’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” is an outstanding rock instrumental which could be awesome to throw to. I saw him perform this live a couple of years ago. Incredible! For just a few brief moments I was seventeen all over again.

(This number does lead into a second song, “Love Lies Bleeding”, but both are outstanding vintage rock numbers.)

Agreed. After they recorded hemispheres they realized the album was too complicated to play live. But certainly figured it out.

Here’s my favorite La Villa vid ‘still no guitar’

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Dude, I love For Today! And to the Elton John poster…if you feel old, try explaining to someone who chuck Berry is when you yourself are 18…pretty funny faces I received that day. I love all Sorts of music.

They must have been having technical difficulties.  That’s pretty funny.

Oh, I learned the Strangiato theme from about 2:00 to about 3:15 in the studio recording of it.

So…many…rush posts…gotta love them. And the instrumental song by dismember known as nenia . Such a beautiful sounding bassist they had.

I know who Chuck Berry is and I’m 14.

That’s really cool. It’s a ridiculously complex song.
There’s a whole section in the rush movie where various people are talking about how hard it is to play on both guitar and drums.

You one out of few…Few people at my school, other than the metal heads and oldtime listeners, Knew who he was…or had even heard of him.

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I wish the producer who worked on clockwork angels and snakes and arrows had worked on vapor trails. Would be great to have a clean version of that album exist.


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