Hey you music lovers, a little help please.

I need to put an exercise program together for kids and I’m looking for some music that would be well recieved without the pitfalls of lyrics that parents might find distasteful. I’m pretty much a metalhead and really haven’t listened to anything new for a very long time. I don’t really have a lot of time to spend searching for music so I thought I’d ask the hippest group around for some direction.

If you could post the name of the artist along with the title of the piece I’d appreciate it greatly.

Links or vids would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance!

This has a good beat. not sure if it’s exercise material, but whatever.

“Flying ‘n’ Stuff” by F-777

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Metal health by Quiet Riot has a good metal workout beat…If you don’t want metal, Go with classic rock like AC/DC, maybe TNT by them.  OOO, Metallica has a good one from their second album, a song called For Whom The Bell Tolls, its fairly good.  All are clean, Ill link them.




Quiet Riot (last minute thought, they are awesome!!!)


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I’m sorry, but long live metal…that’s what my entire football team listened to during workouts…Mostly, they didn’t care, it was a good beat that mattered, so even though most of our team preffered Rap, they enjoyed working out to Metal. Its Tasteful, at least compared to today’s rap. (most of it, anyway.) So yeah, I think Metal would work, and OLDER Rap, if you know what I mean. But LONG LIVE METAL!

“Black & Silver” by Umbrella

“Gravity’s Rainbow” by Betwixt & Between

“Olive” by Umbrella

“Optical Force” by Umbrella

“Serotonin 2008” by Joshka

(None of the songs have Lyrics except the last one. But all it says is “Serotonin, Feeling of Happiness in the Brain”)

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You guys saved me a bunch of time. I’ve listened to each several times and I’m pretty sure I can put something together with these musical tidbits.

Anyone have anything else?