my yoyojam speed maker vid                          thanks and please enjoy

i’m sorry, i couldn’t finish it, i really don’t like metal.

sorry youtube didnt have any other music really and the music goes with my disguise

metal is the worst music. just bla. no thought, ryhme, or anything nice about it. yech. but nice yoyoing. get a little more smooth, and youll be flying high.

metal is awesome but thats not the only music i ike. it does have a purpose but i guess some people dont like it but thanks

me too i don’t like metal rock

sory for theinconvenience i wont put it on my vids anymore

this is my first yoyo vid

cool when are you going to make a new one?

i have made about four more

Youtube has thousands of different songs, what are you talking about?

Metal is okay, depending on the group. It doesn’t seem to go with yoyoing very well though. If you’re going to a contest, be sure not to use something where they scream non stop. You want the judges to like the music. I find that the easiest thing to yoyo to is techno.

i know. i only did metal because of my mask. i am ot putting music on my vids anymore. the only reason i put metal in the vid was because my dog was going crazy in the back. he was barking terribly.

oh ok :slight_smile:

thanks and sub