Your latest favorite throwing song...

Let’s help each other discover some new music! What’s a song that you’ve been into lately?

List the title and artist and try to keep it to one song per post.

I’ll start: “I like to win” by Shonlock this week. Gets me pretty pumped up and wishing I could do my combos faster. ;D

Continuum by Lemaitre is my favorite right now.

This guy has some sick beats! I want to make a video to all of them.

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I’m a country fan not many are but “this is how we roll” florida Georgia lines ft luke bryant

This is beautiful…

Any Rage Against The Machine recently.

Mainly Bulls on Parade

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Lemaitre is awesome
I came in here to post the club remix of fiction

Rob dougan…furious angels instrumental.


I love RAtM!

Bomb Track or Killing in the Name Of are superb for throwing!

also, I’m always down to throw to:
Feist, Broken Social Scene, The National, or my alltime favorite: mewithoutYou.

don’t get no’ mo’ betta’

Linkin Park - Session

I know none of these songs listed.

There is one song that I have no idea what it’s called or who does it, but it rocks.

“Come and Get it” by Krewella
“Let it Go” by Idina Menzel
“Replay” by Zendaya

As of now
Bonfire- knife party
Zi Zi’s journey- Lindsey stirling
Helium- plain white t’s
Safe and sound- capital cities
That’s for now and whatever is on the radio.

Arctic Monkeys

This has been a favorite of mine recently.
Old School (With Lyrics) - B. Reith

There are too many threads about this lol but probably save the world by Swedish House Mafia (Knifeparty remix)

Gopro theme song!

I just listened to 3 Black Keys albums while practicing this new DOOOPPEEE arm combo I have.

I never think my tricks are DOOOPPEEE, so this is a milestone for me.

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My latest favorites are What You Need and Warm Thoughts by Flume. Chilled out songs with a slower beat work great with my tricks.

Check out Zomboy, Deadweight, Organ Donor, Gorilla march, etc. 8)