please help


hi guys !
please help : i have order ( onedrop 10 ball bearing )
and i have putit in my (c3 di base ) it was hard to close the yoyo to play with it but i close it .
and now i want to remove it but i cant , i have use all tools in my house and i cant remove it
see the video


The video link isn’t helping.

Anyhow, what have you done and what have you used?

I recommend a bearing puller, but chances are you have either a drill bit or pliers. But without knowing what you have done, I don’t know how to advise.

Maybe try this video:


Doesn’t C3 use metric bearings?


According to this:

It doesn’t. It uses a C bearing.

A quick check seems that may of their models use a C bearing as well.


ok guys i want to take it off what ever what will happend


Regardless, what efforts have you taken to remove the bearing? This was asked before.