Please Help...

I just got a superstar in a trade with sunny, but the bearing won’t come off. I have tried everything. Help?

Even pliers?


Try to wiggle the bearing while pulling it.

Sunny has a shady trade history.

Use plyers with medical tape around the teeth of the plyers. Then wiggle softly until it comes off. Nothing but friction is keeping it on there… you just have to pull it up really straight after a few wiggles. Also it hel;s to NOT grip the plyers too hard. That makes the bearing post grabby.

if pliers dont work try the string trick
first wrap a old string around the axle
then screw the yoyo back together
unscrew it and the bearing should be on the other side
use the string under the bearing to pull it off

none of these worked… The string thing just broke my string, and I don’t have medical tape. also, if this helps, it has a center track installed.

do your pliers have a curcular cutting place near the bottom? if so use this to grab the bearing, wiggle it and pull it off.

if you aren’t worried about having to clean the bearing, hit the inside of the bearing seat with some WD-40 through the straw, let it sit for a few minutes then try and pull it off with one of the methods previously mentioned. Obviously if you don’t want to clean the bearing it could (will) make the bearing responsive. Just a forewarning, so if you do get it off, no need to ask us why it is suddenly responsive :stuck_out_tongue:

does it HAVE to be wd 40? or can i just use some oil, or thin lube, or thick lube and somesuch?

no, I think most any type of lubricant might work I was just using WD-40 because most people have it :stuck_out_tongue: Thin lube might work too, the idea though is to let the lube seep into the groove of the stuck bearing.

Try the smooth side of a drill bit. Like this:

how large does it have to be for a c sized bearing?

The inner race of a C sized bearing is 1/4".

ok… going to find a 1/4 inch pipe thing…

edit: I couldn’t find it, so i tried again with the pliers. After 10 agonizing minutes of pulling, I finally got the bearing off. I changed the bearing ( that center track wasn’t working well) and I siliconed the superstar. Now I’m afraid to put the bearing back on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify, I sent him exactly what I was supposed to, and both parties are happy with what they got. I never found a need to remove the bearing, and never even attempted to. So the problem with the seat was completely unknown to me, and plus, it’s definitely not unheard of for YYF seats to be tight to the point of having to be sent in.

its fine… btw, how do you lock a thread? I can’t find a lock button

It shold be in the bottom left corner of the screen. It’s a red button.