Superstar bearing

My superstar is not sleeping as long as i would like it to so i wanted to swich it with my protostar bearing but i cant get the super star bearing off and i can get off the protostar one but there are things on it that im trying to get off so it will fit in my superstar.Ive tryed plyers ALOT but they dont work very good. Is there something good for this.

Pliers. You probably just aren’t squeezing hard enough. If you’re like 12 or 13ish (just a guess) then there’s a very tiny chance of you being strong enough to actually break the bearing.

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10 but nice guess, my big bro cant do it even not even my mom. I even tryed putting this stuff like traction tape on the plyers but its like im possible.

He most likely is squeezing hard enough, but most newer YYF’s come with extremely tight bearing seats, which makes them harder to get off.

I suggest you put the yoyo half in the freezer for 10 minutes, then try with pliers again.

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Make sure you’re not just pulling it. Wiggle it back and forth for a while and should it come out. With my Dv888 and my BOSS it took a good two minutes of wiggling to get it out.

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any advice on the protostar i can get the bearing off but on both side theres a thing that wont come off ive tryed freezing and wiggling but it wont come off!!!

Use a knife or similar object for the Protostar. Stick it between the bearing and the spacers then wiggle them off.