yoyo superstar bearing

Need help on my superstar yoyo. The bearing is totally wedge onto the bearing seat. I have try to take it out, but this one part of the bearing is still really stuck on it. Any ideas how i can get this out ??? ???

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I had the same thing happen with my SpinfaktorHG. First, don’t try to use a vice. You’ll break your bearing. Just use some regular pliers and really grip it and wiggle it back and forth. It make take a little while, but you’ll get it out. There really isn’t any other way to get it out without breaking it.

Apetrunk said it all.

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but dont use teh serated part or w/e ya wanna call it. use the little circle thing twards then end a get a good grip on the bearing and walk “wiggle” it out of the seat.i wish ya didnt have to do that i just got my superstar and i hate having to do that.

Use this part of the pliers only. It helps keep you from totally crushing your bearing.

Right, and don’t pull it straight up. Just tip it up and down ( so one side will be up, the other will be down.) then switch, and continue rocking it back and forth until it comes out.

Actually I use this kind. I put it on the bigger setting and that works well. I just grab the bearing from the top instead of the side and wiggle and they always come off.

I have used those too and they work just fine but for a noob I suggest those because they grab more of the bearing and can cause less damage if the person that is using them doesn’t know what they are doing.