Please help silicone....


I want to ask something, i use a red rtv silicone brand name “USA”…when i use it to my protostar, why it stays only 3 days?? is there something wrong with the silicone?? or are there some ways to make it last longer?? i heard that in the silicone there are air bubbles, how to remove it? I’m sorry if my english is bad…


Maake sure you clean the recess first. Also, how are you applying it? An erasor will get a very good seal. Let me know if this helps.

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Are you letting it sit for 12 hours?


I forgot to mention that. I let it sit for 24 though.


@jtman562: before i use the silicone, i clean it with a toothpick but i can’t get it really clean… I apply it with a spoon… what is erasor?? I’m really sorry, but i reall didn’t know…

@mi: yap, i letting it sit for 24 hours…


The protostar has a shallow recess so rtv sili won’t last a super long time. Your best bet, use an old gift card/credit card and make the sili flush. the spoon will bevel the sili making it thinner in the middle and wear out faster.


Making it flush or raised is your best bet. To get air bubbles out, get a needle or something very small to move the silicone around so that it pushes any air bubbles out.


@XminusmikeX: ow, but why it only can stay for 3 days?? if i use a card, it will make it responsive right??

@Apetrunk: flush or raised??? how?? ow, if i move the silicone, will it destroy it??


It might be a little grabby but w/ the CT bearing and the wide gap you should still be fine. Plus once its broken in it will be smooth like butter! ;D

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Actually the bearing will not change the responsiveness at all (the shape at least) if you can throw straight.


Like Mike said, using a card works, or just put a little bit of excess in the groove and then cut it off with a knife or something similar so that it is near flush.

Moving the silicone to release to air bubbles won’t destroy anything, just try to continue not getting any silicone in your bearing seat.


I 100% agree w/ that. I just stated that because I know the protostar comes w/ a CT in it.


@XminusmikeX and MI: i know, but my CT is different, the outer ring shield is dented and it makes the CT responsive when i silicone my yoyo with a card…

@Apetrunk: ok, i’ll try it…

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Then take the shield out.


but my friends said that if i take out the shield, it’ll make it dirty faster…


The difference is negligible. Take the shields off if they are damaged.


@mrcnja: ok then, i’ll do it…

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also, you did take the bearing out before you silicone it right?


@LookAYoYo: yap, of course…