flowable silicone lifetime

How long does this flowable silicone last in my new breed cuz rtv black lasted me for only about one week

the brand is here:

It depends on what you use and how good of a job you do. If you make it flush, it could last for weeks. If you make it recessed, it might last a week, depending how much you play.

how do you flush silicone?

Flush as in level, as in level with the area around the recess. Don’t put too much silicone in there or it’ll be raised (not that that’s bad though) and don’t put too little silicone in there or else it’ll be recessed.


As apetrunk said it all depends on how well you do the job, and if you prepared the surface accepting the rtv, I have had rtv last only a couple of days and then figured out what I was doing and now my rtv jobs last until the rtv wears out.

HOnestly I have a that has had the same silicone in it for a little over a year.

I use “Motorsil D” red silicone! It lasts longer then everything else I’ve tried before.
Nevertheless flowable silicone is OK too.