Flowable Silicone life?


Hey guys, I siliconed my Dv888 about 2 weeks ago and I can already feel the response wearing out. I live in Minnesota so the air is cold and dry. How long should Flowable Silicone last and will the air effect it at all?


i dont know how long it last but a lot of it has to do with how often you throw and what you are doing when you throw, but as far as air effecting it, sub freezing no i wouldnt immage weather has much effect on it


I’ve had it last over a year.


is it small beairng or large? i have been having the same problem with mine (small bearing) when i used flowable silicone it only lasted a week and a half, i then tried gasket maker and the same thing happened i’m going to just try again with it, but i’m also going to order some small k-pads and try those again too, did the stock k-pads fall out of your yoyo randomly as well?


did you let it cure all the way before you started to throw it?


Cleaning out the recess and applying the silicone correctly also rank high on the scale of importance.


^^ what that guy said ^^ you can also try and push it back down in the recess with a small point