facade flowable silicone??

Does a facade accept silicone? Ive put snot in it 3 times now and each time within about a month it shreds apart. I dont want to keep waisting not if it doesnt accept it.

If it’s deep enough but just really smooth you could try scratching up the bottom of the recess to make the silicone grip better.

Wow, a month?! When I use silicone it last about a week or two tops, depending on how much I play of course. I could just suck though ;D

Well thats my other question does silicone last as long as pads? Pads last me months and i figure silicone will last just as long. My problem is that its not like it gets thin and rips out it looks like they could last much longer. Ill try scratching up the recess

I havent been using flowable (or yoyoing, for that matter) for too long, and from what I’ve read and observed myself, I think flowable silicone is not as dense as a pad is, so it wears away faster as time goes by. There’s a lot to the application too. It can be flat or recessed and even tiny variations will have an effect on play and wear on the sili. What a weird thing yoyo response is, very subjective methinks.