How to silicone a yoyo and some good tips.

Okay, now I’ve been siliconing for about 4 months now and I think I’ive just about perfected it.Well for some of you who are newer here you may ask"what is siliconing a yoyo?", well different yoyos have different responses.Some have starbust, this is were there is a little thing that looks like a star bursting, thus the name star bust.This helps the yoyo come back to your hand when you tug it.
Here is a picture that you can see the grooves easily.

There is also silicone.This can be found at a local hardware store such as Ace or Home Depot.It is about 5-6 dollars per tube depending on the size.This allows the yoyo to be unresponsive(this means the the yoyo wont return to your hand with a tug you will have to do a bind return)(here is a link to a bind return Okay so back on topic.Silicone allows the yoyo to be unresponsive for more advanced play.People mainly use red rtv silicone.This is the best viscosity for what we need it for.So here are some tutorials on how to silicone - this one is one of my favorites becuase he explains everything with much detail. - here is on that eplains it with typing and not a guy talking explaing it to you.but this works just as well

I hope i helped.Please pm me with an questions you have on siliconing.

I siliconed my Atmosphere and the stuff always falls out within like two or three days. its kind of annoying. what brand or type do you use? I bought what I thought would work. btw I really love how it plays with the silicon just not how long it lasts…

mine falls out within 3 throws, and I’m letting it cure for 24 hours, what’s my problem?

it just falls out after a few days. I let it cure 24 hours and stuff. the grove is fully filled everything looks perfect, it even plays well. unless its normal for it to fall out so often?

try making it flush with the yoyoif you reccess it sometimes it doesnt last as long

alright i’ll try that, its a little harder to make it flush though, but that makes sense.