I just cant bind, ive tried so many different ways following every step using my shinwoo ZEN yoyo, anything that could be wrong???

1.) All those “!!!” Not really necessary…
2.) Try binding tighter (pull the bind harder).
3.) If that doesn’t work, the silicone (or w/e is in a ZEN) might be worn out and needs replaced. When you throw it down, does it feel normal or feel like it’s hitting the bottom of the string way too fast? Are the sleep times a lot shorter? If so… these could be because the response system has worn down.

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Try searching the forum for “binding” or something similar. I just replied to a thread on binding help and there have been many before.

i just leard how to bind last night and i know how frustrating it cant be, i have been working on it for at least 5 hours and im still only 75% on it. but what has helped me ALOT is do a front mount and then make your bind loop almost as large as the single sting on your throw hand and then pull the loop into the gap. I know you will get some knots with a loop that big but just keep doing it like that untill you get the hang of it, then start to make the loop smaller and smaller as you get better at it

First, throw hard.
Second, mount AGAINST the spin. if you yo-yo is spinning this way
O–>> then you are going to mount on

| // <<finger here
| //

now drop the loop BEHIND the spin


\ | << behind the spin

Throw the loop down…



Victory Dance

sry i was in abig hurry

One thing that helped me the most with binds (and I still use all the time) is when you pinch the loop with your NTH and lower it into the gap, this causes it to snag. I think it’s called a fake bind, and it’s much easier than throwing the loop in (although you should learn that eventually).

Also, try practicing on a more responsive yoyo, it’s generally easier.

thats courtesy of Apetrunk

Try tightening the gap