Please help. Darxun scam.

"So I’m selling one of my rarest and most outstanding performing yoyo’s, my Gold 1st Run Chief.

It’s pretty much MIB, has aged a lot though so has little “age” marks on it that you don’t really notice.

For anyone who hasn’t thrown a 1st Run Chief, this yoyo has literally ZERO vibe. Smoothest yoyo I’ve ever used. Most Chiefs these days have more vibe than usually compared to 1st-5th run Chiefs.

These could go for more but I think $145 is a fair price.

Pics here:

If interested please PM me or text me at 504-444-2877

PayPal and US only


Quote from his BST.

Also, this was a PM he sent me about it when I confronted him.

When I got this yo-yo in the mail. It did not only have 1 age mark, it had 2. This isn’t the bad thing though. This yo-yo is covered in dings under the ano. Like literally flat spots everywhere. It has a nick on the side of the rim too. Too sum it up, it is far from “Mint in box.” I told him I wanted my money back so I could ship him his Chief back. He has been ignoring me for the last couple weeks and I can’t let this happen. What can I do?

If he wont ship back bad feedback is about all you can do, unless you feel like calling the police. They wont take a scam very seriously, especially when you got the yoyo it just had a few more marks.

From mint in box to covered in dings? That ain’t cool man.

I’m just hoping to catch his attention or something.

Did you send the money as a Gift? If not, file a Paypal claim. That ought to grab his attention :wink:

Looking at the pics, it appears to near mint, if not mint. You definitely deserve a refund or at least some compensation.

Strange, though. I’ve done business with him a few times and every time the deal went smoothly.

Shoot. I sent it as a gift. So that’s out.

Man… Funny how he didn’t even picture the age marks in his pictures. They are very noticeable.

Is there any way to contact him? I’ve sent him tons of PM’s and I can’t do anything about it.

That’s strange. I traded him my WMM for a “Gnarwhal saw a Sasquatch” edition Gnarwhal and it was MIB as he described. Our text conversations were always great and seemed pretty honest and trustworthy. Our trade went through with no problems and I he and I were very satisfied with our trade. Seems strange that now he would do something like that.

I also had this happen with him after our trade and wanted him to leave me feedback. Seems like he fell off the face of the planet for a couple weeks, but came back and left me feedback.

We were mid conversation in the PM system and when I told him I was unhappy with the sale, he then never sent back a reply for a month now.

Do you have pics?

Yeah, I have pictures of the condition of the yo-yo right out of the mailbox.

I have stored this chief in my case without playing it in hopes that I can fix this problem.

Contacts mod, Jrod is the best at this :p.

His ad would’ve already rung alarm bells. Never heard of “age” marks before. Sounds like a nice way to pretend that dings happen naturally. Not to mention trying to talk it up by claiming that later run Chiefs are vibey.

He hasn’t logged in for a long time. He’s ignored all my PM’s. All I could do is leave negative feedback.

Yeah, he hasn’t logged in for 3 months. Can you post a pic here with the dings, Salty?

Ya, i’ll post them soon.