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Cool, looks great! That would be nice to make a case with.


I didn’t even think of that… Ive never built A case before but if someone knewhow to make the rest of the case I will gladly make the top.


On they have unfinished boxes so you could engrave and then finish however you want to


how many people would buy a custom engraved yoyo box??? if somebody would make a deal with me i would buy a box and engrave it…any logo suggestions??? i may try a sample box to sell with your suggestion…


I would, but shipping would put it through the roof


could just ship the lid


how big boxes??? also i think one that would hold about 6 yoyos wouldnt b too bad to ship… and remember this is totally custom so i can do anything with it…


Wow. This would be legit on one of those Jason Wong style cigar box cases. Hmmm…


I really think you are on to something here. The engraving looks great. I hope you look into this case idea. I would love an engraved wooden box for my TMBR collection.


That looks really, really cool. You could probably sell those.


So if i buy a box and engrave it you will buy it for sure??? i can do it with a lot of different stuff on it if its big enough. maybe i will order like 2 tomorrow and make a generic one with the yyf logo or something and try to sell that and do the other one custom. ok yooldman send me a link to the style of box you want on woodcarver and i will order it…


He is making something awesome for me! I will give you a hint, it has something to do with my favorite brand!


I’m gonna post some pics of what stuff looks like on the designing program sometime


What program do you use anyways?


vcarve pro 6.5


heres some programmed stuff… it gives an accurate prediction of what it looks like.

and heres a closeup of yyf


i did the other colors so you could see the contrast between carved and not carved


Can you do it on a wood yoyo or is it too small?


Could you do that on a metal case? Cuz I’d gladly ship out my case to get a YYJ engraving and a YYE engraving.