custom boxes/yoyos, by the people for the people of the people. 6/20/14


Everything is on hold at the moment. Box work will be on hold for some time do to the fact that my partner is starting college. Yoyos will be made as soon as I buy a new laptop that can handle the program my CAD program. I’m gonna use the summer to raise cash for it.

Lately I’ve been buying and receiving some CLYWs that did not come with a box and or was sold/traded to me with out one. After a few months of not getting my hands on a the individual boxes needed I’ve decided to make them myself. I’ve acquired the same 3x3x2 kraft boxes that CLYW use for packing and going to be and will be partnering up with one of my friends to make custom boxes for those who are like me that need one but can’t find them.

At the moment I have 30 blanks. We still need to complete some samples that are still need to be finished but at the moment we are basically stack and are waiting for orders to come in. These orders will be our samples that will show our skill. Please drop off some orders soon.

Please just feel free to contact me and I’ll be able to talk 1 on 1 with you in order to start your order. Please have ideas, logos, medium type(pencil, water paint, micron pen, markers, etc), and etc ready before hand.

The price for each box will depend on a few factors like which mediums are used, the quality of the art, the number of panels used, how fast you want it made, and overall time it takes to make 1 box. Please take into consideration of shipping, yes it’s not going to be much but it’s still shipping. A sample or 2 will be posted up soon by the end of this weekend or throughout next week.

Please fill free to ether pm me, or leave ideas and comments below.
Request will be taken soon.

~ Agredano1 and Dead_Ink art.

5/10/14 We will be officially starting then. All prices are not set but contact me and well start planning.

Over the summer I will be making small runs of throws that will be made with the influence of the yoyo community. Drafts will be uploaded and will be open for discussion in ordere to make a throw that will suit the needs of the yoyo community. Throws will be made of 6061, 7075, 7068, steel, and delrin. Samples will be made and pass around to local clubs, reviewers, players, designers, and those who helped throw in their 2 cents. Anodizing, tumbling, and blasting will be done in shop or sourced out to forum modders. Box work will be done by Dead_Ink.

First throw
The first throw will be a pocket throw that will change the way pocket throws are looked at. This throw will be one that will truly be a throw that one can throw in one’s pocket, carry around, play anywhere without worry of major injury to the yoyo itself. The finish product will be made of steel and or will have a detachable delrin/plastic rim ring/cap.
The complete product will have a
Diameter: of 46-48mm
Width: of 36.25-37mm
Weight: 60-66g depending on metrical and shape used.
Bearing: size-D or C depending on final shape and feedback from samples.
Response: Pads or flowable.
Shape: yet to be anounced but will most likely be a organic shape that will not have sharp edges ease of taking in and out of pockets or bags.
Throw characteristics: To me the perfect pocket throw is something that is that i need when ever im away from home and need to take a breather with a good combo evert 30min. My idea of a perfect throw would be heavy, fast, and super forgiving but i know this is just my idea of a perfect throw and not all will agree. I will allow the community to decide this part so that every one who picks ups one of these mini tanks will be pleased with it. Most likely it will be a throw that will have some float on it so that it does not feel like a rock on the end of the string but have the right amount of girth to give it the perfect amount of momentum without it feeling as if it has drag.
Cost: Affordable because some batches will have the same shape but made of delrin, or plastic, with weight rings.
Playability: fun for all to enjoy.

This is gonna be fun.


First few samples will me made over the weekend. Pics will be added to my photobucket as soon as they are complete. Production and orders will start mid next week. 9 boxes will be made this time around because we are just starting.


Examples and samples of art work have been started. Pics will be added soon.


Small delay do to testing and midterms. Might take offers starting next week. Samples are also slowly being made.


Examples of art quality have been uploaded. Yes her style of art is dark but she can do anything when it comes to art. Some boxes are almost complete but will not be done for quite some time now.
Feel free to ask any questions you might have.


Finally added some samples. More will be added later but this is just a example of how it will look on the brown box. These were done in pen and micron but different media can be used.
Use the link above.


Slow and steady pace at the moment. We are trying to make up for lost time.
More updates will be posted in the next few days.
At the moment we are not taking orders but still drop off some ideas for the samples. Some ideas will be made into samples.
Feel free to ask any questions.


It seems we will be making about 3-5 boxes a week depending on the work that needs to be done.
Orders will be taken soon, can’t say when but we are having more free time lately.
Stay tooned for more info.

Slight update. More pics have been added. They are just samples of quality not of what might be done. The box that you see is her personal inspired box.


Those totally rock! I’ll end up ordering a few (or enough for all my yoyos… maybe) once you start taking orders!


I need 4 boxes for a small proto run, i am totally interested for when you take orders.


To all who read.
This is a message regarding custom work for small yoyo businesses. We would like to inform you that we( Dead Ink and I) are just two and are battling colleges and work. This was just ment to be a small project that we are able to share with the yoyo community. We may be doing a small business of our own on our own time but did not foresee that it will come to be as big as this. We are not refusing to take your request but will like to let those who need boxes for throws that are missing a box first.
My partner and I have came up with a few ideas and will be giving a few options for those who do need a boxes for their own companies.
Option 1, we may be able to order you the number of boxes needed for you runs and make a stamp. We will be able to work with you and form a stamp that will soot your needs and all we ask is a small percentage for every box made, which seems rude to ask for, or we ask you buy a custom stamp of our logo and to stamp such logo on the inside or where ever a free spot is available. This will also help get our word around. Also it will help pay for some time and services. Yes you do not need to use the stamp but you still need to buy it. This option is questionable but this is all we can think of at the time being that will soot both our and your needs.
Option 2, you may ask for custom work with a set number. We take pride in quality of art o you may need to ask in advance, 2-4 weeks in advance depending on quantity and quality. We ask for half to be paid upfront so we can order the boxes and the materials needed as well as for insensitive. We get bored doing the same thing over all day and that is why we wanted to make about 3-4 boxes a week so we don’t have to work like robots making the same box 50 times all day long. If the number of boxes needed is small you maybe able to ask for a deadline but this is for extreme projects and will be charged extra. How much extra…we don’t know.
I hope you understand where we are coming from on this topic. We don’t want to step on any toes, because we always have steel toed boots on, or slam the door on those who are rely interested in our work. Please be kind to us and we will as well.

~Agredano1 and Dead_Ink art.


Hmm, this still seems to make sense for me! I need 4 boxes with some semi-cartoonish drawing on the front, I would not mind if there was a logo on the bottom.

Depending on the price i would be very interested in discussing this over PM.



No update on sample pics, because of a fun weekend and work today, but did get some more boxes in today. More to come later.

Also feel free to drop a PM, a few have already but I just like to hear from our viewers.


We will finally start taking our first few orders. We are not officially starting up because we are using these first orders as a foundation to see where we are at in the way of completing a order in a timely fashion, setting a price, and communicating with customers to come to a conclusion of the final product. We still need to make some logo stamps, and a website or some place to do business properly because I I’m not 100% clear on the rules for the forum and sellers.

We will only be taking 4 at the moment so RUSH…na I’m joking, please dont rush and please have an idea, samples, and or sketches in hand before contacting, it will help wonders on our part. PM and we’ll start talking about what we can do.


Umm…orders have started…


Orders are going slow, please help by ordering a few.


This is gonna be fun.
Today’s update is huge.


So after the undersized throw you should totally do something 60+mm just for kicks.


Yup, I actually want to make a small run of 3D printed of offstring yoyos.


I’ll instantly buy your Offstring yoyo if you make one(!!!).