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Hi I recently bought a few things from rewind and it has been 19 business days since i ordered them and I haven’t gotten any tracking number all i have gotten is a shipping preparation email and my dad thinks that rewind is a scam could someone explain why I haven’t gotten any more emails or if it is a scam.

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Hi Dylan, welcome to YYE!

The store you mentioned is a popular, well known store within the community. They are overseas though, so if you’re in the US, shipping takes awhile. My best advice is to email them and have them look into the order. I wouldn’t be too worried, sometimes things fall through the cracks, especially these days with COVID and everything.

One last thing, I know you’re a first time poster so you probably don’t know, but we’re actually not allowed to mention other stores here on the forums since YYE is itself a store, first and foremost. Totally allowed to discuss other stores via PM’s though, so you can always PM me or anyone else around here if you have any more questions.

Thanks and again, welcome!


Thanks for the help im sorry that i posted about another store ill make sure to pm you if i have any other questions


All good! Enjoy the forums, it’s a great place to be!