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Guess this throw and I’ll send it to you for $10.


Bannana hammock

({John15}) #3

That’s what I was going to say!




pretty sure its an authentic, genuine yoyo

(ZAC) #6

Trick question, it’s a Zorro hat


Yanasi Scissortail


Good guess

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #9

Its a yoyo ( hey, theoretically I’m right)


The prestige?


yoyo_cubicle got it






That wasn’t much of a guess on my part since I already have one of these amazing throws. I highly recommend it for anyone into big, fun yoyos like the 420, Kraken, etc.


@knowledgeablepixels you win then… pm me

(Ken) #16

looked like a rain city yoyo because of the lego stud. They don’t look exactly like that though.


I’m confused. yoyo_cubicle got it, but knowledgeablepixels gets it because yoyo_cubicle already has one? His answer of authentic genuine yoyo was good enough? Well no matter who got it, that was nice of you to do this. It’s basically a giveaway since shipping isn’t much less than 10 bones.


I feel like English is my second language😳

Because I have no idea why the winner won; unless the name of the yoyo is ‘genuine yoyo’?

What was/is the correct name of that yoyo?

And… yoyo_cubible highly recommends getting one… Getting one ‘what’?

PS… on an unrelated note; my girl and I ate dinner at a most impressive Restaurant tonight. I would recommend this place to everybody that likes the kind of food they serve. They are usually open during the week. And the parking lot is right next to the building.

I will send a Free dinner for 48 Coupon to the first person to guess the name of the place.

Hint: the name rhymes with ‘orange’.


The winner was yoyocibicle. He did’t want it.
It was the Yonasi Scissortail.

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