Playmaxx/Proyo Question

Hello fellow throwers, I have a few questions about a few playmaxx/proyo models.

First is about the cold fusion nucleus, does anyone know how many were made? I imagine not many, for I believe proyo was bought out by Duncan soon after it’s release.

Next is about a limited nucleus, the Crow’d Fusion. Does anyone know how many of these were made. I’ve heard ~12, but there’s no evidence behind it. They never come up, and are awesome looking, one of my grails.

Lastly, are there any major differences between the isotope models, or any differences between the isotopes and nuclei?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Sorry I meant to get back to you yesterday but was so busy I forgot :frowning:

I believe the CF Nucleus was maybe 25-30 pieces, certainly less than 50. The only person who would know exact numbers is Tom VDE and he probably doesn’t remember or care. The Crow’d Fusion was more like 10, one of the very few ProYos that I didn’t get free from Tom.

The Isotope models and the Nucleus were all about weight distribution - the Iso and Iso2 had very different weight profiles (the Iso 2 was far heavier, 70+g if memory serves). The Nucleus was reprofiled and lighted, and I think had an adjustable gap too but it’s been a while since I’ve seen one. They were really all about Tom trying to find that next-gen Cold Fusion, moving away from the classic Proyo “GT” shape. If I ever get the chance to sit down with Hans I’ll ask him about these, I’m sure he has more info too.


Thanks for all the info! That’s a shame so few nuclei were made. From what I’ve read it was everyone’s favorite.

I don’t know anything about numbers aside from hearing 10-13 Crow’d Fusion from various sources.

As far as play…the only Isotope I’ve owned is still in the package so no clue on that one. The Isotope D2O plays a lot heavier and clunkier than the Isotope 2. The Nucleus goes back to a lighter feel like the Isotope 2 but feels a lot smoother and more refined.

I prefer the play of the regular Cold Fusion GT to all of them.

I used to love playing a Cold Fusion GT with big-bearing SPR - wish I still had one.

For what it’s worth, my memory says that 75 Nuclei were made. Dave posted that 15 Crow’d Fusions were made. That sounds right to me.