Now we all know that plastics are great for learning the basics before a bi-metal or full metal. However what are your opinions on using plastics once you use a metal regularly and doing long freestyles?

Personally I don’t really use them for anything other than to break a cycle, for example using my code 1 for a week straight. I also use them for helping other people to learn.

I guess it depends on what kind of freestyle. I would feel comfortable trying a 5A freestyle with only Northstars, maybe even modded FHZs, but I can’t think of one I’d compete in 1A with. I use a Northstar as my daily carry.

I use modified FHZs and Bolts all the time for no other reason than that they’re fun and look classy.

Plastics can be just as good as metals but once you get an awesome all metal your like who needs plastics. I have been there but hey its just another yoyo to throw some are better then others. And by the way did you see Ann Connolly’s 1A freestyle at EYYC. She used a starbrite which is a 15$ all plastic so ya think you can compete with them if you want.

It depends on the player and the yoyo.

The Whip and ONE, while cheap and good, are too light in my opinion. I’d say if you can bind, step up to the Protostar or Northstar, or at the very least, a Legacy II. Once you’re there, full plastic vs bi-metal is kinda minimized for a bit.

But, if you want to carry some beaters for people to start on, get a couple of ONE’s, a couple of WHIPs and a couple of Lyn Fury yoyos. Right now I"m assembling my “bag of beaters” for yoyo meets since I always have kids who want to try but can’t understand why they are not allowed to touch my 2nd run Peak or my other CLYW’s or One Drops(and others).

I also collect plastics to also break things up too. Inexpensive, durable, different. Good way to pad a collection, keep it affordable and make it functional. I bought a Dietz, Legacy II, DiBase and a Starbrite at CalStates. I like to be all over the place!

It really depends on the player. I like to use my modified Kickside during freestyles more than my Wooly Marmot just because of the color. I mean they can both do any trick I want them to, but I like the way a plastic looks, feels, and the noise when it hits the ground is just a tad bit quieter…