Plastic Whip trouble

Hey guys, I’m having trouble with Plastic Whip. Sometimes when I do it, the yoyo catches the string like a bind and it returns to my hand. Not only that, but a knot forms inside the yoyo. Furthermore, the yoyo I’m using is a PGM so every time there is a knot I have to untangle it with a paper clip, that’s very stressful. Any tips?

Please use the search button. Here’s a few helpful topics.

I did use it, but I found that none of them answered my problem. When the yoyo catches and comes back to you, is that landing it backwards?

It means that both strings are hitting the gap as opposed to one. Try turning your hand so that instead of seeing a backwards L, you see a backwards L kind of standing on the angle part of the L.

Try over doing the throw part. It should create a bigger loop and have a higher chance of hitting correctly. Hope that helps! :wink:

I was just wondering why you had to do that. Can’t you unscrew the PGM?

put loop on non trough hand aftre whip and pop yoyo of string

i had a problem a couple days ago with the plastic whip, the problem that i was having was that i was shooting over my hand instead of my thumb so that could be a problem

Frequent Unscrewing will damage the threads and can make the yoyo come loose and possibly fall apart. :smiley:

That’s mostly in YoYoJam’s. I’ve never had this happen to me in any YYF.

Never had any axel problems with a PGM before…and I’ve taken it apart hundreds of times.