plastic whip help


Is it possible to do the plastic whip with a stock dark magic? I don’t have a problem landing it but it seems to always bind when it hits.


loosen up the gap so it is more unresponsive


I have a different problem with plastic whip. I keep catching it on backwards and I dont know how to dismount from it backwards. Since I can’t dismount from it backwards, any advice on how not to catch it backwards? ???


the backwards thing is just a begginer thing when you are first learning the trick, it will get on straight over time, a lot of these tricks are just a matter of sitting down and repeatedly just doing the trick over and over again,
and i have a stock DM and it does plastic whip just fine, my gap is on the smallest setting too so it should not be a problem


thanks, i think i just need to keep practicing.


How do you do it with DM? It’s responsive…?


Yeah, just loosen the gap, and break in the bearing.

Also, if you catch it backwards, try to make a larger swinging motion, so the loop travels over and hits the yoyo better.

Have Fun Throwing,



well after your bearing is broken in you can tighten the gap up all the way and it is 100% unresponsive


i got a konkave bearing with the DM. How long does it normally take to break it in? Also, your saying a stock DM will go completely unresponsive after a while? Even with the standard o-ring?


A konkave may take a day or two to break in, depending on whether you put lube in it, or how long you play with it.

And yes, my stock DM was completely unresponsive, but that was before the bearing messed up :slight_smile: