please help

okay, so today i came home from school got the mail and my yoyoexpert box. i got a darg magic special edition blue sparkle (love it), but it is way to responsive. i bought so i could do a trapeze whip, but i cant even do a 4 or nothing on it. please help! ??? :frowning: :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

You can either just wait for the bearing to brake in a little by just playing with it for a while, clean the bearing or just loosen the gap for a bit. :wink:

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You just got it in the mail right? Dark Magics definitely aren’t totally unresponsive right out of the box. You need to use it for a while. Eventually it will be plenty unresponsive.

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Break in the bearing and then clean. And continue to play responsivefor now I’ve heard it does wonders…

okay uys it has been 3 days and i played at recess in the morning at night home from school, for 18 hours a day! still is respoinsive

well it’s not really how long you play with it. it’s pretty random. and again lube, clean, and adjust the width.

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I bought mine offa yoyonation.
Mines yellow
So yeah.
It took me like a week to break it in and now i’m doing plastic whips to extremely fast boingy boingys.
So you really just have to break it in.
Nicce choice in yoyos by the way lol. :slight_smile:

How does this title show relevance to the topic?

Dark Magics can be somewhat responsive. It’s fine. You can still do lots of tricks and it’ll help smooth you out. No cleaning needed.


Dude just play it always and pretty/barely loose the gap, Or lube it.

If you’ve been playing with it for a while, and it still isn’t fully unresponsive, then add in silicone to it. That’s what I did. Before, I broke it in for around 2 months, but it still came up with a massive pull, so I siliconed it, and had to learn how to really bind. So just try flowable silicone.

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