Help with DM

Okay… So… I do need help with my DM… I know nuts about it… So… I need answers for a few questions T_T

  1. How long does a DM spin out of the box?
  2. I read DM offers responsive and unresponsive play. How do I make it unresponsive?
  3. How big is the maximum gap for a stock DM? I once opened up the gap so big that I cant even bind it and it almost falls apart after performing tricks.

Thanks in advance guys! ;D

  1. It depends on your throw! Mine spins for approximately 2 minutes but I’m sure it will spin longer with a better throw.
  2. There are several possibilities. I use a TEZ Silicone O-Ring together with a clean KK bearing and 2 big shims…it’s totaly unresponsive.
  3. I don’t really know, but even with my configuration, the gap is still smaller then the most of my fullmetals.
  1. Long enough, it depends on you not the yo-yo.

  2. You can break in or clean the bearing, silicon the o-ring groove, and/or add shims.

  3. If you really wanted to you could get the gap up to around 4.5mm, but why would you want to? Large gaps are merely an excuse to play sloppily.

  1. Depends on your throw.(It sure spinned a lot longer than the DragonFly I was using before.)
  2. Silicone(Flowable Silicone, YYJ pads, K-Pads)
    Widen the adjustable gap
    Add shims(I play with one red(thick) shim on each side and tighten the gap all the way.The gap is really nice that way, but not bigger than a Dv888’s at all.)
    KK(don’t help too much and shouldn’t use when starting out)
    Shave down the O-ring
    Don’t shave down the starburst b/c that’s irreversible.
    Clean the bearing.
  3. The gap can get a lot bigger than it is straight out of the box. When you use the adjustable gap make sure that the string can’t slip off of the bearing and fall on the axle. IF it does that then the adjustable gap is too big. After you loosen it make sure you can’t see a space between the the bearing and the sides of the yoyo.
    I don’t trust myself to do that nicely and when I do the gap is too small. I add shims. I like it that way a lot better.

Erm… What I mean about the unresponsive part is… Are there any ways that makes the yoyo unresponsive without changing anything? :-\

EDIT EDIT erm… Is the DM’s cap transparent with white writings on it?
Mine’s like… It has a plastic cover, and a printed paper underneath it with the DM’s colour as a background.

It sure looks different to me O_O
but comes with a starburst and an o-ring, has a large bearing, and metal rims. And the cap is transparent plastic O_O

Clean the bearing first. In most cases this is enough to get the YoYo unresponsive. The rest is all preference.

Ah… Yeah… Thanks… Hmm… Now… About the weird appearance part T_T

no that is a different version than i’ve seen…mine has completely clear caps with silver writing

yeah if you see the pictures online its all clear caps with silver writing. Mine’s… Uh… weird. Or is it?

Some people might think it’s weird but, personally, I like it. It’s not weird- it’s different

Where did you got it?

Bought it secondhand from an online friend O_O whos also from msia.
It looks different for sure… But… O_o

Those are sweeeeeet freaking caps bro… Those are an older style than the ones with silver writing

i think its the second version of the cap before the holofoil are applied to the DM, as if today.
might be the older version than what today has.
but sure its a DM.
so what to worry about?

Ok I have a DM myself and I found it to spin pretty long, I timed about 1:07 but if you give it a strong throw, it could probaly go longer. And I don’t know why it isn’t unresponsive out of the box; when i got mine, I was new to yoyoing and had trouble binding.

I got it to 55 secs yesterday. ;D Ah… Makes me wonder how old is this DM. :o