DM Problems


My DM is awesome but for the last month i have been playing solely with a protostar. I tried my DM the other day and played it responsive. Whenever i landed it on the string it woul dslow down. Doing tricks like braintwister or split the atom stopped its spin that i barely had time to get it to return to my hand. All help will be greatly appreciated and thank you.

(Zer0) #2

Work on your throw. Most likely It’s the string rubbing on the yoyo. try to get the string to be dead center. My advice is to not start with a center track or kk. But if it’s cool for you…

(screamo) #3

maybe try lubing your bearing or cleaning the bearing and make sure the gap is not too small.


I cleaned and lubed the bearing and made the gap bigger; so basically i started playing unresponsive and the problem was fixed.