plastic grind machine

hi i have 2 plastic grind machines version 2. i have blue and green. does anyone have any experience with the yoyo having lines going from the rim, down the wall untill the k pad? any help is this a flaw in manufacturing, or a sign of cracking i just got it today so i have not hit it. or is it just a mark from molding? thanks for the help

What does the line look like? If you could take pictures of it, it would help us!

I don’t have any PGMs anymore and can’t remember ever seeing a line like that on one.

Run your fingernail over the line. If it feels raised (like a bump), it’s most likely a molding mark. If it feels like an indentation and is sharp or sudden, it may very well be a crack.

Are these brand new from a store or did you buy them from someone on the b/s/t?

Mine is white but there are almost no molding marks on it. I don’t think that a mark going to the bearing is a very good sign though.

i bought mine from yoyonation yesterday

also the line is very faint but is there

The area in the gap should be very shiny and smooth.

I’d try contacting YoYoNation about it seeing as you bought it from them. They’re very helpful!

Please don’t double post.

If you got it and it had lines like that, I would indeed contact the place you got it from. Most stores (that one for sure) has good customer service.