My Plastic Grind Machine Has Become Responsive...

My PGM fell in the snow and now it doesn’t play the same anymore, instead of the string just kind of not doing anything when I pull it up it now actually tries to wrap around the bearing and it sometimes does. I cleaned the bearing out with lighter fluid and lubed it with some trumpet valve oil but it’s STILL responsive…

Baaaaaaah, what do I do now? I don’t really want to put forth the extra $20 for shipping just to get another bearing sent to me, my current yoyo shipment was sent out yesterday…

Should I just tough it out till my dv888 and protostar arrive and then wait till next shipment for a new bearing? Or will a new bearing even fix it?

If you (or a parent) can soak it in some acetone for a little while (10 minutes tops in most cases) and shake it around a bit to break whatever is messing it up free it may take care of it. Otherwise PM me your shipping address and I’ll mail you a spare bearing.

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I don’t know if I have any acetone at home… I shook it up in lighter fluid and tons of stuff fell out shouldn’t that be enough? :stuck_out_tongue: I doubt my Dad would care, I’m 18 and never home. He told me to use WD40 but I heard that wrecks it.

Don’t worry about sending me a bearing, by the time it gets here my other yoyos will be here and I’ll be fine to wait until my next order to get a new bearing. I really do appreciate the offer though, it’s nice to know there are people out there who are willing to lend a hand.

How much lube did you put in it? If the yo-yo is quieter than it used to be then you put too much oil in it. If that is the case just play the yo-yo till it breaks in.

Mine is shot too haha!

Maybe 5 drops? I didn’t want the bearings to run to dry.

Yeah, I played with it for a long time today and I’ve noticed already it’s tons more unresponsive, the string doesn’t try to wrap itself up anymore.