OD Gradient: strange scratches or "cracking"?

Hi everyone

I apologize if this isn’t the correct place to ask this, but noticed recently that my One Drop Gradient has some strange looking scratches (almost like cracks) along the white detailing strips on either cup (as shown below). The name “gradient” also shows the same wearing although that is harder to see in the pictures. It is nine months old from when I bought it new and I haven’t really used it all that much. I also never do thumbs grinds and so for the life of me I can’t figure out what has caused this. I didn’t make note of it when I first got the yo-yo so I can’t say when this started to appear.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? I have looked through other pictures of Gradients on these forums and didn’t notice anything like this. I am more asking because I am curious what it causing it and whether I can prevent it further. Of course, it doesn’t affect the play of the yo-yo in any way, although I suppose if I did start doing thumb grinds it might since those surfaces are roughed up where the “cracking” has occurred.

Again, nothing serious per se, but I was curious about it and thought I would ask if anyone else has seen this.


My Gradient is old and well used and I haven’t noticed anything like this. But when I felt the detailing it did seem as if it could scratch/wear off easily if you did a thumb grind or even just missed a fingerspin.

Sent you a PM.