Plastic Grind Machine vs Speedteam

[s]So, I need a better 1a yoyo. Which one of these do you think are the smoothest, can sleep long, is stable, and best “Bang for your buck”?


Under $20 (I don’t really need to save up for these)

Speed Maker
Lyn Fury
Duncan FHZ
Pocket change
Bolt (I’ve heard these are no longer made, but I see them on Docpop’s site. Are they still made?)


Ok, so I’ve narrowed it down to the PGM or a speedteam yoyo (Four saints, nine tailed beast)

Starlite is the best outta all these because:

Its basically a proto/northstar
Its plastic weight rings in the rims help keep it stable and sleep longer
Wide gap
Its cheap

Hope I helped

Get a YYJ Kickside. It’s smooth like butter and after you brake in the bearing it needs onnly very little maintanance.

naa the starlite has better rim weight already cleaned bearing (center trac), plays like a protostar, sili response

Is there a starlite that doesn’t glow? I really don’t like the color. Looks like a dog peed on it. I guess I could always dye it, but I’d rather not.

You can paint it if you want to. But you must know how and it’s not as easy as you think. I don’t even know if it’s possible.

And, yeah, I also vote for Starlite.

Have you looked at buying second hand yoyos?

Yojon has a Revolution for $20 and an Axiom for $30,28421.0.html

Yeah, but I sorta like keeping my yoyos in near perfect condition. And thanks to whoever moved my topic.

Personally, in the plastics category, I love the Lyn Fury and the Freehand 2010 version (with recessed pads). With a few tweaks, my Fury plays right up there with my Raptor and RecRev.

If you can get your hands on a Legacy. You won’t be dissapointed cause that thing is truely amazing. It has super long spins, its really stable, and it looks cool. All for $22.

Actually, you can paint it with Acrylic paint from the Art Store. I was messing around one day and experimented with this and it works fine for cosmetic purposes. And the acrylic paint easily removes with Alcohol whenever you want. I was not worried about changing the surface since the Protostar sucks at grinding anyway, and play was not affected so what’s the diff. Here’s a couple pics I have in my library as an example. I got bored with the red look so I did one half black which I think looks killer. Then a few weeks later I took it off again hehe and the yoyo was just like it was before, nice and red with no after effects. Of course you need some measure of skill to apply it.

Imo, i hate the starlite color, so unless you love glow in the dark, i would go for a proto/north star. Also, pgm is amazing as it is the yyf plastic all in one yoyo

I don’t like the dry, crinkly texture of acrylics.

So now, here are my choices:
PGM2 (I’m leaning toward this)
Lyn Fury

with a brush there is some texture, or with an airbrush smooooth as silk…

good luck with those choices…

I would say Speed Team yoyo. My PGM really doesn’t play clean no matter how I fix it. I don’t know why, it just tilts, fools around, messes up and slows down all in one and every throw.
Maybe that’s just mine, but I don’t like my PGM.

if I remember, I’ve tried the speed team and it was a beast

the PGM is irrelevant