Plastic 000

I am going to buy soon the stelvia vy luftverk and since 000 is the only plastic I an missing from their catalog I am considering buying it.

I already have the plastic pleak which I do not really enjoy. Everybody says it is a really fun yoyo but I find it dull and anemic. ( I loved it during the first days as my brand new yoyo but after that… Nah).

How does it play compared to the 000? Is it any different?


For me the are equally „fun“. So I would consider them comparable while the 000 performance is slightly better imo.
Play wise the peak is a classic “old school high wall” and the 000 is just a bell without anything. High walls are nice and easy for regens and bells yeah they are round :joy:
If you want “fun” buy it if you want performance don’t!


While I loved my pluvia, I just didn’t like the pleak. I cannot really put my finger on why. It is not that I hate organics ( I love my koi). It just lacks that oomph for me.

Fulvia is the best performing of all of them. 000 is like a plastic koi shape wise. But the koi is a very nice playing O shape. If you want another plastic O go for it else try something new.

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I also wasn’t a fan of the pleak, but really enjoy the pl000. It feels more lively and less like a solid hunk of plastic on the string to me. The pleak wasn’t bad, just not quite my cup of tea :coffee::man_shrugging: I would say go for it and grab the pl000, especially since they’re not outrageously expensive!!