Planning for Christmas!!!

Okay, so I can get a yoyo. Any as long as it’s under $200. What I want:
Metal yoyo.
Silicone recessable.
Around 50mm diameter
And a 40mm width

So like my M1, but a bit wider.

Any thoughts?

Dv888 or P2.


Put some variety in your life. SPYY Sky Chaser

Yes. Or a Hatrick!

I see… but does the P2 come in color? I only saw the silver ish ones… Any other things that will fit? And by size I meant about. Doesn’t have to be too exact.


Oh… maybe I should have spent more time on preferences ;D but i just had another thought. I was thinking of a Bead Blasted one. Just because I never had one. Because I was thinking: I want something different from the M1, not just a bit wider.


The P2 fits your needs almost perfectly - Its just soda blasted, which is still great.

What’s soda blaster? No offense to anyone here, but I don’t really want a onedrop… I guess it’s because I already have my M1. And nothing else from any other company, any metal that is.

If you’re looking for something cool, try a yo-yo that uses a “D” sized bearing. I went out on a limb with the SPYY Pistolero because I love the way it looks and it’s my absolute favorite throw now.

Jonas swears by HSpin’s CUT, and he’s not the only one.

SPYY’s Sky Chaser has had awesome reviews too, and it’s available in “D” or “C”.

Duncan’s Mayhem was such an awesome player!

You could always wait for the highly anticipated SPYY/CLYW collaboration project the Galactic Goose!

With your budget, the possibilities are endless.

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What did happen to the Pistoleros? I couldn’t pick up a B-Grade… but always wanted one for the looks :’(

Sorry, but I don’t really want anything too big, and the Cut looks a little big. Also, what’s it’s finish? The shape doesn’t really look inviting to me though… Maybe it’s just me.
What does a size D bearing do?

I was thinking of a bully, but is it Bead Blasted or not? Some sites say yes, some don’t say anything…

I meant boss, not bully. Hehe. Always get those mixed up. I’m thinking of a boss. Is it beadblasted and does anyone know if there’s going to be new colors for it? Around christmas time.



get a camp fire it is a little smaller than the m1 , and it is wider.(it is also bead blasted)

I know, I was just wondering if the Boss was beadblasted and if there is some other color than black that will come out around christmas.

The Boss is actually has a matte finish which is similar results but not bead blasted. It still results in a nicer grind surface and is what they have switched to for all current production yo-yos instead of bead blasting.

So it’s not bead blasted. What’s a matte finish? Does it grind better than a satin?


OMG pistolero just came out. Should I? It’s a bit bigger than what I wanted though. What size is the bearing?

And what’s the finish?