Pixel Acidwash Colorway

Okay so I was browsing around the YYE store (what else is new) and happened to notice the Rebel Macrocosm. When I first saw it, I wasn’t particularly hooked, then I took a closer looks at the available colorways. That’s when I saw this beauty:

Honestly, that’s one of the sweetest anos I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any excitement around it, at least not any that I noticed. What do you guys think about pixel acidwash as a colorway? Do you think it could become a big thing?

Looks good.

I hear it plays pretty great too. Hoping to get my hands on one.

It plays pretty well. Pick one up if you’re interested, definitely unique.

I probably would buy one just for the unique look XD

I can tell you think it’s amazing. lol

All I’m saying is that it’s a kick-ass colorway, not that it’s the next Chief or anything.

The Macrocosm is the best looking yoyo I’ve ever seen, and not just in that colorway. There are a few others that are fantastic too.

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Might you be referring to the rainbow splash one with the skull logo?

EDIT: Just saw the Yoyobestbuy edition pixel explosion. Almost fainted.

It’s a pony skull.

Ahem It’s a unicorn skull.

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I seen the army fatigue color way for the avalanche. That’s when I thought about pixels instead. They should’ve done like the digital camo colors. That would’ve been so cool.