Favorite YoYo Colorways

What’s your favorite yoyo colorway?

Pics courtesy of yoyoskills, Jason Wong, YoYo Brothers and myself

Levi painted anything.
From my personal collection, my deadmau5 vendetta ANODIZED punchline.


Ninja Hurdles Chief, AC and Wolf Canvas are so hot. imo way better than other Hurdler Canvases and Puffin that are more blotchy. I miss my Ninja Hurdles AC

Oh. I thought I was alone with loving the ninja hurdles color way. People say it’s ugly :[

A year or so ago there was a whole thread for Ninja Hurdles love iirc. I actually thought it was a really popular colorway.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who really digs Gravy Boat

Untitled by YoYo Brothers, on Flickr


Jason Wong (Loaded YoYos) General Yo “Punisher” KLR


Dang. Just… dang…

As far as production runs go, it has to be YYF’s “Galaxy” splash:

Work of art. Yoyofactory, hurry up and start Galaxying more yoyos!

The USA colorway from General Yo.


A Peak that is on the YoYoBrothers flickr.

I’m not sure what is on it or who did it. Almost looks fake but either way it is my favorite.

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That photo is obviously digitally altered, it looks like some form of hdr, the contrast is not natural and the yoyo colours are way too punchy and the background, verrry muted.

This one! But that Perfect Storm Triton that was just released had me drooling too.


How about a spinning shot?!?!?

It doesn’t look that great while spinning but skittles is pretty boss as well.

Think it was an instagram modified pic.

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What is that? I know, it’s the second time I’ve done that.

That would be the Splat colorway on the Triton