Ninja Hurdles colorway

I’m in love with CLYW’s Ninja Hurdle colorway. What all is this made on? Cliff? Canvas??? What yoyos can I get this in?! I already know I want the Cliff but, what else?

Ok, so far:

Puffin (3rd run)
Arctic Circle

cough Vague title cough

I wanted to see what the thrill of it was… there is none…

WOW! WHAT A TITLE! Soo specific!

I’m not in love but I like it.

The summit but it might be a bit hard to find.

Ninja Hurdles colorway is the title. My thread is about that.

I thought I’d seen one. I have no idea where though.

chief, arctic circle

I was serious, the title is good. It is specific verse Im in love ;).

Be quiet.

I did really see anything vague in the title of the tread. Ninja hurdles Colorway. < that is the ‘title’.

The text box, then is used to elaborated what the OP exact statement(s) or curiosities/and/or concerns were/are relative to the Colorway Identified in The Title/subject box.

Considering you have posted, going on 4000 times in little over a year, I would think you would have come to the realization that everybody has not yet discovered they need to post up a certain way to keep you from giving yourself a Wedgie.

Mad dog, do you want to eventually be a: Forum Expert or a Moderator?

Honestly, if you feel compelled ‘nitpick’ such trivial things, you have a rough road ahead in life. Unless you want to go to the Airport and become a TSA agent. I think you would be perfect(;-).


It’s ok yoyodoc. I made a vague title in the beginning just messin’ around. I take the blame here.

Umm, he changed the title after I posted that.

It’s also a joke sorta, random people do it.

But I don’t get it, someone like SR does it but when I do it I get a few paragraphs…

We are cool right? 8)

Only if you find every yoyo that comes in this colorway. 8)

J/K man. We’re cool. That may be all the yoyos in that colorway…

Thats all the yoyos…

I laugh more reading this Board, then I do watching the Comedy Channel. I hope all you guys never change your Antics or I will have to turn on the TV again. < not sure if it even works?

You don’t faze me… I laugh at Funerals

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Im confused. Your being sarcastic?

That is your primary problem… If you didn’t get confused so often, you wouldn’t be confused so much.

Hope that clears things up.


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I’m glad I’m not the only one. I don’t even own a single Ninja Hurdles colorway throw at the moment but I’m sort of obsessed with it. Like I’m thinking about picking up every CLYW in Ninja Hurdles to have a little Christmas season collection and then Yogi/Palli for Halloween…that’s normal right?..right???

I was SOOOOO close to picking up a Ninja Hurdles AC on the previous run…sold out I think a few weeks before the yoyo day sale :’(