Ninja Hurdles colorway


I’m in love with CLYW’s Ninja Hurdle colorway. What all is this made on? Cliff? Canvas??? What yoyos can I get this in?! I already know I want the Cliff but, what else?

Ok, so far:

Puffin (3rd run)
Arctic Circle


cough Vague title cough


I wanted to see what the thrill of it was… there is none…


WOW! WHAT A TITLE! Soo specific!

I’m not in love but I like it.


The summit but it might be a bit hard to find.


Ninja Hurdles colorway is the title. My thread is about that.

I thought I’d seen one. I have no idea where though.


chief, arctic circle


I was serious, the title is good. It is specific verse Im in love ;).

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #9

Be quiet.


I did really see anything vague in the title of the tread. Ninja hurdles Colorway. < that is the ‘title’.

The text box, then is used to elaborated what the OP exact statement(s) or curiosities/and/or concerns were/are relative to the Colorway Identified in The Title/subject box.

Considering you have posted, going on 4000 times in little over a year, I would think you would have come to the realization that everybody has not yet discovered they need to post up a certain way to keep you from giving yourself a Wedgie.

Mad dog, do you want to eventually be a: Forum Expert or a Moderator?

Honestly, if you feel compelled ‘nitpick’ such trivial things, you have a rough road ahead in life. Unless you want to go to the Airport and become a TSA agent. I think you would be perfect(;-).


It’s ok yoyodoc. I made a vague title in the beginning just messin’ around. I take the blame here.


Umm, he changed the title after I posted that.

It’s also a joke sorta, random people do it.

But I don’t get it, someone like SR does it but when I do it I get a few paragraphs…


We are cool right? 8)


Only if you find every yoyo that comes in this colorway. 8)

J/K man. We’re cool. That may be all the yoyos in that colorway…


Thats all the yoyos…


I laugh more reading this Board, then I do watching the Comedy Channel. I hope all you guys never change your Antics or I will have to turn on the TV again. < not sure if it even works?

You don’t faze me… I laugh at Funerals


Im confused. Your being sarcastic?


That is your primary problem… If you didn’t get confused so often, you wouldn’t be confused so much.

Hope that clears things up.



I’m glad I’m not the only one. I don’t even own a single Ninja Hurdles colorway throw at the moment but I’m sort of obsessed with it. Like I’m thinking about picking up every CLYW in Ninja Hurdles to have a little Christmas season collection and then Yogi/Palli for Halloween…that’s normal right?..right???


I was SOOOOO close to picking up a Ninja Hurdles AC on the previous run…sold out I think a few weeks before the yoyo day sale :’(