unknown yoyo


I bought a yoyo off of some one at the Midwest regionals and I have just realized I don’t know what it is. They said it was a 1 of a kind color way. I am just wondering if anyone knows of the kind of yoyo it is.

I noticed the bearing has a YR logo on it (see pic) and the cap side has a cursive R on one side.

this is my first topic made so constructive criticism is ok




I tried to upload them…

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Without even seeing a pic I’m going to say a RebelYo Macrocosm. They’re signature thing is a cursive R in the hub and many of their Anodizes are 1 of 1.


I looked the macrocosm up and the r on the side is definitely the same but I see that its not the same model.


So you can’t upload pics?


I am trying but they wont show up




here r 2 more


I like the colors and I could try to find the company




I am quite sure it is a rebel but I don’t know the model. I am still searching


no matter what I am happy. I bought the yoyo for 20$ along with a thunder wasp for another 20 and I now know they were both a great deal

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It’s an original Macrocosm. That is a 1 of 1 ano Aman Sircus did. The company is Rebel Yo.


So did the update them and release a new version?


Is it this one?


I think it is.


so what?

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They made a 2012 Macrocosm as well which was sold here on YYE and YoYoBESTBUY. I had an OG Macrocosm before and they’re really nice! Good score and that a really cool colorway. The picture rosariyoyo posted is a 2012 Macrocosm and that specific one was sold on another store.


Ok. So what do u think the price range would be