Rebel Yoyos Macrocosm (Yoyoskills Review)

Sharing the review I did for yoyoskills.


Nice review, can’t wait for this one! I love the color!

Good review! Any idea on the pricing and release of this yoyo, or is that information secret?

On YYE’s upcoming/current yoyos page it says it should be coming this weekend.

I picked one up the other day and I am very, very pleased with it’s performance. I’m only an intermediate at yoyoing but I can respect the craftsmanship that’s put into the yoyo itself. I have larger hands and I wanted something that I can really palm and throw, problem solved.

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i was really thinking of getting this just as a collector yoyo because honestly, this is the most beautiful ano ive ever seen and i love the unicorn skull.

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Beautifully anoed, and super fun to throw! Can’t wait for the next Rebel throw that comes down the line!

My thoughts:
I picked one of these up solely because of how beautiful the yoyo is for the price. Went with the Electric KooL Aid Splacid Wash color which looks amazing. Not to mention it came with one of those grooved bearings, which are pretty awesome for a semi-noobie thrower like me - quiet and great for keeping balance during long combos.

The only other full size/oversize yoyo I have is the SPYY El Ranchero. Compared to that, and my other undersize yoyos, the Macrocosm plays like a dream. It feels much lighter and more balanced than the Ranchero, although not as “smooth”. The surface finish feels good, I don’t grind so it doesn’t really matter to me anyway.

My only complaint is with the manufacturing quality of the piece I received. It still had evidence of masking plastered on the inside of the outer walls, most evidently in the corners of the cuts. The outer rings have inconsistent circumferential machining marks on them and a little bit of color distortion. Cleansing the yoyo and polishing the dirty surfaces up brought the yoyo appearance up to my expectations. I’d be curious to know if anyone else has seen poor workmanship on their macrocosm or if it was just me.

Either way I’d like to support this manufacturer in the future, because I think this is the most beautiful throw on the market.

One last comment: It feels REALLY good with some slightly-too-long Toxic BG-1’s. Ohhhhhh yeahhh…