My assumptions on the Macrocosm

When I first saw it, I was like WOW! I still am. But after staring at it and watching that video, I thought one thing: the designer is a brony.
No offense, but this is my first guess.
It started in that video when I saw that guy dressed like a puppet and Josh Y.
Then I took notice of the colors, which are awesome if I must say, which have a strong resemblance to rainbow dash. So then I was thinking “Okay, this man has a taste in color, but I won’t jump to conclusions yet.”
Finally, I saw the deceased unicorn. At first I thought it was some cows skull stuck in the desert, then I noticed one horn, and the placement of said horn.
Am I against the designer? No. Do I think he’s a brony? Strong possibility.
Do I still want the yoyo? Absolutely.

If you’re wondering what this possible insanity is, it’s me making quick theories.

Brony or not, it looks like someone vomited on the yoyos after ingesting oil paints laces with e coli or salmonella(or it shooting out the other end in a carefully aimed exercise I care not to detail). I like the shape, but I’m sorry, as increasingly accepting I am of many colorways, these are absolutely unacceptable to me the way they are decorated.

Rebel, you ain’t got my sale. That’s all I can say for now. Not until there’s some colorways I can find acceptable, or perhaps some solids.

Thats fine, although I can say that that particular colorway is what tons of people wanted, thus, there you go. Haha.

To each their own. I’m not judging. I’m just saying it ain’t a colorway I find acceptable, and hence, voting with my wallet = no sale. However, I make my own decisions, I don’t follow the “tons” unless I like what the “tons” like.

Everyone else is free to make their own decisions. I respect that. I’d be interested to know how many people wanted this colorway. I do hope it sells well only because that might tempt them to make different colorways and perhaps more models.

Well Studio you have made it clear that you have no particular likings to the CLYW colorways so I think that splash in general just dosn’t sit well with you, even though you have like 5 clyw yoyos. I love a good solid half and half scheme but I must admit that macrocosm looks sweet…but then again most people like splash. My favorite scheme would probably be one half black and one half red but I do dig the splash on that yoyo.

But you must remember, if you don’t get a yoyo based on its color you can miss out on a whole lot, I’m glad that I had my PINK pro, wonderfull yoyo, hehe. Performance is where it is at, color comes second…heh it just hit me, that is basicaly the YYR motto, hehe, great minds think alike I supppose.

I’m kind of warmed up to SOME splashes, but hey, maybe I ain’t trendy. I still like analog audio desks because they don’t crash in the middle of or right before shows(well, they don’t crash that often, but when they do… oh man, it can get ugly!) My tastes are generally more simple: I lean towards solid colors. Just my tastes.

Then again, the fashion industry is so bad it’s forced to reinvent itself every 6 months.

So, I’m not most people. I’ve never fit in with the majority anyways.

There just seems to be a current trend in “how busy can we make things”. Maybe my eyes are just getting tired. But working in entertainment, I’ve seen a lot of “talent” who rely on “flash” and “gimmick” and forget the talent part. In yoyo, about all you can do is busy up the yoyo, it gets obvious fast if you’re lacking in the talent.

So, like I said, I hope they sell lots of these. I’ll wait for something a bit less dramatic to come along in the colorway department from them.

Yeah I get what you mean, I though that was good when you said that your eyes were getting tired, hehe. I love solid colorways myself but I do dig a good splash…well to each his own, hehe. Also I am one random dude as well, its boring to fit in…that is one good reason to yoyo…(philospher time).

Different colorways will be coming in the future for those of you who like the shape but don’t dig the colorway


Sweet. Keep me posted. I’m partial to blues. Silver-types are nice too.

I’ve been throwing my custom splash FHZ all day today. Just needed a break from the DM2. Well, all day is a bit of an exaggeration. The 10 minutes I could throw.

Slighty off-topic: The nickel plated Phenom matches the Rolex I’m wearing in my forum eXpert photo.

I also wish new companies success. This is a tough time to be diving into anything.

well it’s not the first rainbow splash I’ve seen, but it does look quite stunning.
my friend got a mangaroo or 33 1/3 (I forget which) on saturday with a similar black rainbow splash pattern, and it looks pretty amazing when it’s spinning.

Aurora Anodizing the other company run by Aman Sircus (Owner and Head Honcho at Rebel Yo-yos) did those yo-yos for Rec Rev just before doing the ano on the Macrocosm. So while the rainbow has appeared before, it was Aurora love that put it there.

PS The Mangaroo And 33 and 1/3 are super dope yoyos

actually allow me to correct myself Jayson Wong was the first to do rainbow splash ano, Jason I’m really really sorry, I only meant that Aurora did the first production run or rainbow splash ano, both Aman and I give you full credit for the original idea

Thanks Jamie, I appreciate the credit. (Some of which also goes to Brett for the Electric Confetti paint job which was done before I did the ano.)

I will confess that it would have been nice to see Rebel pick a slightly different colorway. I know I don’t have the same exposure as CLYW or VsNYYC, but it’s a little bit like taking 28 Stories or “The Works” and slapping it on a different company’s product if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I’m really not here to pick a fight. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Good luck with Rebel YoYos and the new company.
As far as it goes aurora anodizing has only done what has been asked for. And for the record I f*#$ing hate rainbows.
And for anyone that has done ano, they know the amount of work it takes to produce 200 rainbow throws.
On another note I would like to thank Jason, Brett, and Justin for the inspiration.
Fun is fun and yoyo’s rule

And if you hate rainbow wasn’t it available in solid black?