Pivot slicing strings


I got the pivot from the mystery box, and I like it! However, it eats strings. It has sliced two strings in the fifteen ish hours I have had it, only playing for about a hour. I use kitty nylon. Any tips?


Just a quick question how does the pivot play?? And all I can do to help is just make sure your putting the string on the correct way( without unscrewing the yoyo)


I checked, and it is on the right way.

But the pivot is awesome. Looks great, V shapes are always fun, and the finish. Oh, the finish…


We had a report of this yesterday too. The blast is a little rough. In the string will wear it smoother or you can hurry it along by rubbing the edge outside the pad on some leather (inside of a belt) or even denim for a few minutes.

Glad you like the play!


I had this problem as well. It was fraying a new cloud string but I used a leather belt like Ben said and it totally fixed the problem. Doesn’t effect the finish visually just makes it smooth to where it don’t cut your string. Love the yoyo though!


Even though rough you could use Kevlar string as well to break it in. My pivot went through a new string very quickly too



Tore through a Kevlar string and flew off



That sucks dude. :frowning:️. Did the belt not work?


Guess not :sweat_smile:oh well I just lightly sanded the rim using my drill to make a uniform ring pattern and I’ll pass it on to my brother. Hopefully the new Czechpoint doesn’t have this problem



We got you with some fresh parts



Well; I have a good one for you>>

My Pivot String broke and my Pivot flew out into the street. A Taxi cab tried to dodge the Yoyo and slammed into a Bus. The Bus crashed into a Power Pole and Blew up a Transformer. The Power went down at the Local Airport and the Flight Tower could not give proper directions to a Landing Jet. The Jet overshot the airport and slammed into a 60 story office building. The building totally fell over and landed on a Laboratory that experiments on Vampire bats. The bats flew down the road to a Dairy and bit all the Cows in the place. The cows turned into vampires and bit everybody in town. No one in town survived but me.

Amazingly I found my Pivot under 20 tons of rubble and it didnt even have a single scratch on it.

But somebody owes me a new string!



Yoyodoc, that made my morning and thank you Ben!



Vampire cows…now that is scary. you need a wooden stake just to make steak…


Don’t drink and post kids…