Pink YYE string?

Hey, I’m making an order from YYE soon and I thought I might throw in some stylish new string (all I have now is some boring white poly from ~3 years ago). Pink is my jam, but I’ve heard some things about pink strings being heavier, or something? And also in Anthony Rojas’ nationals freestyle, the string was basically invisible.

In short:

Will pink strings hinder my play, and do they show up on cameras if you have a better outfit/environment for them? Or should I go for a more standard yellow or green?

Depending on your background, pink won’t be an issue. Neon Green shows up much better though on camera.

One of the people who I recently met uses pink YYE string. Felt fine to me. I’ve also got neon green, orange and yellow. I might order pink for my next batch. I do like the green though as the bright color really helps me see the string pretty much regarding of the situation.

But, in short, get whatever you like.