Pink Floyd


anyone else obsessed? Know about Syd Barrett? What’s your favorite song/album by them? Right now I can’t stop listening to Shine on you Crazy Diamond from Wish You Were Here. The whole album. There is a lot of great history behind Floyd if you are interested it is mostly on wiki.


Floyd is good. I like the wall, animals, wish you were here, piper, more, and secrets the most.

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Lol, I’m actually wearing a Pink Floyd shirt right now…

Pink Floyd is pretty good.


I like wish you were here in fact I like it so much I learned how to play it on guitar


floyd doesn’t measure up to other bands of its time, such as King Crimson, Metallica, Genesis, Rush, Steely Dan, etc. but they were good.


Guess you had to be there to appreciate it all… :wink:


No clue how Metallica fits into that list (at all), but although I totally dig the other choices surely Floyd is at least superior to Metallica.

This from somebody who has paid good money to see Metallica live.

Floyd is excellent. You pretty much have to treat different eras as though they were a different band each time, but the nutty thing is that each era has something great going for it. Other than the usual suspects (Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2, Wish You Were Here), the first song that really turned my ear by them was actually from what I think of as the modern era of Floyd: Learning to Fly. It’s not groundbreaking the way earlier songs were, but there was still nothing quite like it on the radio at the time. And the solos!! Man…


I’m going to go with the obvious “The Dark Side of the Moon.”

The whole album is so brilliant. A lot of Pink Floyd’s albums are concept albums, so you really have to listen to them in order and in full to appreciate the whole experience.

Animals is a great album.

But hey, I like The Buzzcocks and Joy Division more…

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My dad has his turntable set up to a great stereo and has Dark Side of the Moon, the Wall and Animals on vinyl. Those sound great that way.


Metallica made it on because of Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, …And justice for all.
other than that, you’re right. they were awful.


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I really just meant the “bands of its time” part. Metallica does not fit into that era. :wink:


Pink Floyd makes me sleepy…


If Pink Floyd makes you sleepy, then you need to listen to Joy Division’s final album, Closer.

It will literally rock you to sleep. And it’ll leave you feeling depressed afterwards.
Closer has to be one of the most depressing albums I’ve listened to.


heck of you want to go to sleep easy listen to Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaghan when you go to sleep



OK, I see.

some of their earlier stuff is pretty energetic.