Pics of the Kids...


Just wanted to show off some of my babies…

I’m so proud! :wink:


lol when i read the tital i’m like… what the???.. lol they are NICE thoguh… but keep them safe SOMEONE(samad) might steal them.


nice. there is a magic trick website with something like that there exept with goats as a comedy pic.


I don’t like 888’s

(Erik) #5

That dark blue is sweet.


Isn’t it, though?

Would you believe it’s an '09?

'Cause it is. :wink:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #7

Wow. The aqua is amazing. I have a 08 888 aqua, not as amazing as the 09. Wow! :smiley:



I got to admit, 888’s are good looking, ut I don’t like their play.

Also, Steven, your 888 is ugly :smiley:


And I haven’t even thrown the Aqua yet.

Still haven’t decided if I want to trade it for something else.


Steve? You got an ugly 888?


(system) #11



lol, i’d trade you for my g5 but my dad wouldn’t let me and it’s kinda poopy like…


Epic looking yoyos! I can’t wait to get an 888. I have wanted one for so long but they are out of stock everywhere. It has been difficult for me to decide spending over 100 dollars on a yoyo, but I can’t ignore the awesome reviews these things have. I have never thrown an all-metal yoyo and the 888 will be my first. Have you seen the new DNA’s? They look really slick, but I like the fact that the 888 comes in different colors.


Wow, I’m hoping you can come by one soon!

And I have seen the DNA, almost bought one recently. But I’m going to hold out on it until it’s in regular production just to have it decorated. The pre-production models do, however, come with stickers. :wink: