09 888

i have a purple aqua 888 splash that i might trade to a friend.
what would be some reasonal trade?

Depends on what you want. We can’t magically come up with every good possibility :stuck_out_tongue:

What does he have to offer?

he told me to make him an offer
he has a 888 ocho 8 ocho
pgm x5
bog yo
dark magic

Well i sure hate my 888

You might want to consider removing it from your “Favorite YoYo” on your profile then. ;D

Of those, I’d do the Superstar, but that’s just me. Or the ocho, but you already said you don’t like them.

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I would recomend the dark magic.I don’t have one but they have good reviews & maybe you should try a different brand.

How would the DM be a good offert tho? It would be a rip off to xako becuz the 888 is $120 and the DM is 1/4 of the price. I would recommend the DNA or superstar.

How about you get the DM one PGM and the BigYo.
Or just DNA or SuperStar.

I would say if they are all in good condition that a DM and a PGM is a decent deal. He would be getting the better of the two, so maybe $20 cash too?


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I would go with the superstar, just because it’s about the same price new. I’ve never used either an 888 or a superstar but a lot of people like them. If it helps, John Ando uses a Superstar and Yukki Spencer uses a 888.

Why do you hate your 888? If its too small but you like every thing else take the DNA…

If you dont like the shape get the super star

eight8eight ocho8ocho. Those only come around rarley, and you don’t know if they’ll be around again. They could turn rare.

But, that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

1/3 the price actually. 120/3=40 ;D

You both are wrong! The Dark Magic is $40.80. It would be neither!

I had an 09 888, then I traded it for a Superstar and I don’t regret it at all. IMO it is just all around a much better yo-yo. I would definitely get the Superstar.

Wait…what? You only give samad a thank you and not us even though we said the superstar??

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samad is cool
and i gave u a thanks you

Thank you’s shouldn’t be important enough for you to make posts about it. Don’t make a big deal out of this function.

That would be a good trade.