good deal or not

(JackG) #1

888 08/08/08 edition- 3 small scratches- recieved
g5 09- mint- traded away
i want to know if you think this was a good trade or a bad trade

(JM) #2

Do you want an 888? Do you want that particular 888? Are you willing to give up your G5 for it?

Then do it.


Good deal. 08/08/08 888’s are rare.

(JonasK) #4

which is irrelevant if he ends up hating it.


Which is irrelevant because he asked if it was a good deal, not a good yoyo.


good point

(Mitch) #7

If he does hate it, its a rare yoyo that he can trade for maybe another G5…


(JackG) #9

i have already tried it and i love it
im gonna do it