could someone tell me if this is a good trade?

ok i might be tradeing my 888 for a near mint good and evil4 black lily
i know next to nothing about it so could someone give me some pros and cons?

The lily has a 5mm gap stock, but you can replace with a 4mm bearing - most people I think prefer with the not so huge gap. They weigh about the same, but the Lily is much larger (diameter = 59mm). Whether its an even trade probably depends on which 888 it is.

Well, this is all that I know.

888= $120
Good and Evil= $110

Is the 888 mint or dinged?

pretty mint but i got it for 78

It all depends on what matters to you. Are you looking for a good collectors item or a good player? What size do you prefer? What 888 is it? What are the conditions of the yoyos?

It seems like a great trade. I mean you are trading an 888 you got for 78 dollars for something that cost 110. Minus the wear, it would be around 80-90 so yeah. I think so. Did they send pictures of the yoyo? Also, it depends on whether or not you like large sized or undersized yoyos.

its an 09 and im looking for a good player

Personally, I’de rather have the 888, but that is just due to my dislike to the G&E4.  I have a review somewhere…

Found it, Here it is.

Now, the main problem can be fixed with a thinner bearing, so it is all about preference.

Id keep the 888 personally, the G&E4 is known to have a lot of torque which means it has quite the backspin, so when you throw it frontstyle it has a tendency to sort of swing backwards. Its hard to explain, but it annoys me, other then that I just find the yoyo too big in general, and one more thing I prefer about the 888 is the bearing, large bearings ftw.