Seriously, is there a better yo-yo out there?

I have a '09 Aqua 888 that I find myself throwing more than most, because it’s almost like cheating. Smooth as silk, sleeps forever, hubstacks, and the really weird effect of correcting a bad throw within a few seconds. Leave it to Yo-Hans to come through with the goods.

This Aqua has seen better days, and I’ve only had it a few months now. It’s got some scuffs and dents from some ridiculous hits. Still spins completely smooth. No wobble, no vibe. Haven’t changed the axle or bearing, and still on the original pads.

I’m looking up at the weird “top shelf” on my computer desk, and there’s all sorts of nonsense up there. I can visibly see three yo-yos sitting up there, though. In order, a Spyder, a dark blue '09 888, and my Ghost Pyro.

I’m amazed with myself about which one I’d rather throw at any given time. There is no amount of money I wouldn’t pay to have my Ghost Pyro play like my 888, and I love it more than words.

Ok, I’ll stop jocking YYF now. Just had to get that off my chest.

Yes, there are better yoyos out there. :wink:

cough K-os cough

But I just plain didnt like my 09 888 Aqua. So I traded it to Samad for a wonderful G5. :smiley:
But im glad you like yours. But me on the other hand…well…I want my 120 bucks back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah? What about it didn’t you like? I’d like to hear your opinions on it.

i love my 09 888

but i feel it plays better sili’d with a 10-ball bearing and with nubs

HAHA i want one !

I just think it was a little heavy for its size.

DocRobot, you stole the words from my mouth. I feel exactly the same as you.

Anyway, I have one regret. I wish it was about 2g lighter. But besides that - Perfect.

Scoop up a Dna Samad. Little bigger, and little lighter. Chris’ review couldn’t be more spot on about this beauty. Got my Rim Dipped Skyline and Dna in today, and threw the Skyline couple times, but can’t put down my Dna. FANTASTIC!!! CLYW who?

Have you tried a BvM yet? Just got the 09 888, and it plays like a dream. It’s a tough call to choose between the BvM and 888, but I’m leaning BvM - much sweeter to grind with. I find the Hubs get in the way of a good long grind.

I also can’t tell when the 888 is going to die. The stacks spinning make noises that make it really hard to audibly tell when the 888 is slowing down. It does’t help that I put on a Ceramic KK and it spins forever. Come to think of it, I should switch them to get used to the sound of the new KK. Maybe it’ll get better when I spend more time with it :wink:

Lol, yeah. I’ve thrown Peaks and a few BvM’s. While I do like them, the peaks have a vibe that I just don’t like, and don’t care to much for the feel of the BvM’s. Will I own one…sure. I’ll even play it a bit, but after some time with my DNA, I think my CLYW’s would suffer from playtime envy :slight_smile:

And that, my friend, is why you snatch up a DNA.

A full size 888 that’s about a gram lighter than a standard 888. Not sure how they pulled this off, but they did. I’m also not sure what the exact weight difference is, but the DNA is obviously lighter. You can tell, from hand-feel alone, immediately.

I can’t say enough nice things about it.

Unfortunately, my K-Pads both fell out from my 888 :-\ Now I am response-less. I have to wait until my order to come from YYE before I can use it again. Now I have to use my M1…

Wait, my M1? Life is goooood.

the original '07 edition. Still the best.



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I’m not sure if I got them or not.