Pic of the day

Here it is:


Lol ;D

So that’s where one drop got inspiration from. It all makes sense now!


Guarantees you the cleanest throws around!

Brand new delrin Severe. My Christmas gift. Boy oh boy do I want to throw it.

Cascade + Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. Powercords. The perfect combo.

Looks great! I want a black one. You must be dying to throw it :smiley:

Very nice pic!

Courtesy of yours truly…

That’s so tantalizing. totally unfair.

I am!

Thanks for that! I’m gonna need some more of this string!

Just a fun little picture today. ;D ;D

Code 2 is drummer Santa approved. :smiley: :smiley:

Post these all in one thread instead of cluttering the forum.

Thanks mods for merging this. :smiley:

Been kinda behind, so I thought I would post two:
First a Brett painted 54, surronded by a binder, and other crap.

Second, my Cascade with my favorite drumsticks.

Cascade on a piano. Artsy. 8)

Today’s pic.

Haven’t done this in a while: