Zammy presents: Perseverance

June. 2012. Zammy. Onedrop. Cascade.

This video is in celebration of the Anniversary this coming 15th. Last year, Onedrop decided to give me the opportunity by being a part of their company and I chose my path. Ever since then, things have been crazy welcoming and amazing for me.

This is all new footage and is a sequal video from “My life, my rules”.

To put it bluntly: Its raw as F.


Sweet stuff!

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Really nice Zammy! Great job!

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You are a trick making machine. Your slack is so pretty…reminds me of Mikhail a bit.
Awesome video man!

As per usual - you blow my mind! Love the flow…

So, just curious - do you prefer any particular string? Are you using Brett’s toxic? (Looks bright like his, shows up great in the video)… and what are your thoughts on the Cascade???

@FNG Thanks for taking time to see this, And I suppose it is. I think it is just pretty since the parts were in slowmotion! It does seem similar to Mikhail. I have seen his style and tried to replicate it although his stuff is too hard to learn! Thanks man! fistbump

@Turtle This video had a lot more flow then previous, so thank you for noticing that! I use regular yellow poly that I get from Onedrop direct. Of all the strings out there, I always go back to back to Poly. I am not able to really use Brett’s “BG1”. I’ve tried a lot of different string and nothing really works like regular poly does.

Cascade? Cascade is one heck of an interesting throw. Feels like a classic shape throw, has the huge step up for mega-grind type tricks. The weight distribution is way different for a Onedrop based throw so it will be interesting to see everyone’s reaction. I’ve played with different SE set-ups and this throw’s weight change/play changes so fast when swapping out SE. I played with brass domes on mine but using the AL spikes really makes this throw “feel better”. Overall, its a great throw…undersized and wide but not wide like those crazy Super wide throws out there from Yoyofactory and other companies.


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BEAST! I enjoyed every second of this video. Thanks Zammy!


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This, my friends, is why I am proud to be a fellow Wisconsin yoyoer. Keepin it fresh every time, great tricks man!

Makes me excited for what will come next!

Amazing editing! BUT the yoyoing was the Best! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Wisconsin is sadly not known that well for yoyoing due to the surronding states (Minnesota and Illinois) having better players. I’m glad I’m a Wisconsin yoyoer.

There is A LOT more ahead soon. Just wait.

Thanks for those that seen this. This is my best work yet and if you miss out, shame on you.


Yall should watch this again.

Just to have your mind blown up again.


Impressive as always Z!

THAT was smooth. I especially loved all that slack.